About us

The Galleries website

This website is dedicated to display Pix Plaza Studio’s client, general, street and event collections, modeling, and stock photos and videos.

Client’s photos are always password-protected, unless the client requests that we make all or some of them viewable to site visitors.

Searching Online

You can tap on the search icon 🔍 in the menu and search by name, category, description, location …etc

However, models photos posted on this website are just a sample. For full models portfolios, comp card, and models booking, go to Supermodels SE website. There you can search by name or any other criteria.

Booking, Printing, Renting and Purchasing

If you are looking to book a photo shoot session, rent the studio, rent or purchase equipment or supplies, or order prints and/or framing, please go to our main website pixplaza.com. You can use the search tool on the main website to easily find any product or service. The search on the main site is not meant for photo or video search.

Buying and Selling

Stock photos are available for sale. If you are interested in purchasing and digital copy or a print (with or without framing) of an image that’s not marked as a stock photo, contact us and we will contact the image owner. However, client’s photos are NOT for sale to any third party, unless the client AND every individual featured in the photo signs a release to sell the photo.

If you’d like to display and or sell your own work, contact us. Photos and artwork sales must be compliant with intellectual property, copyrights laws.

Removing your image

If you’d like a photo of you that is displayed on this website removed, contact us to request image removal and provide us with the following information:

  • Your complete contact information (full name, phone number, email address and physical address)
  • A proof of your identity (a copy of your ID, Online profile where we can contact to confirm…)
  • Clear identification of the photo(s) you’d like removed (image name or number displayed under the image, a link, or a screen shot)
  • The reason for your request

If your photo was taken at Pix Plaza studio by our photographers, then we already have your contact information and proof of identity. We do not, however, collect third party client information when the studio is rented by photographer to work with their own client. In that case, you’d need to contact your photographer

We take such requests seriously and we review and take appropriate action promptly.

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